I have been performing and entertaining audiences professionally for over a decade.

When I was 13 I had been playing guitar on some of the best small venue location around the Boston area. Already comfortable on stage, I decided to take acting lessons, which helped me realize I wanted something more than playing guitar in a band.

This is where I met a close-up magician. He showed me a piece of magic without lights, cameras or really anything fancy. It was amazing. I still perform this piece just about every day because I remember how strong of a moment it was for me. If you see me, ask me to perform it for you.

Before this moment, I had only see magic on TV. David Copperfield, Lance Burton, David Blaine, Criss Angel were the only magicians I knew besides Harry Houdini which I only heard about in the first grade. I didn’t even know you could learn this stuff.

After devouring every book I could find and performing as much as possible, I realized I was getting local recognition. Magic shop owners were asking me to teach classes and entertain customers. Restaurant managers were hiring me to bring in new customers and I hadn’t even marketed myself. I was just performing.

I never even knew this was a potential career. When I was in school learning about business I never saw “Professional Magician” posted anywhere. I guess you can say it found me and I’ve enjoyed every minute.

Now I’m 30, and I’ve been performing for many years. From this, I’ve developed some interesting and unique skills that you won’t see anywhere else. The show I perform is designed from my own life and I’m happy I get to share that with you. When you see me perform close-up magic, you get to see the level of respect I have for this art. There are no ugly card ties, no cheesy jokes and no rabbits being pulled out of a hat.

What you get is a well-dressed man with hand-crafted magic for you.