Family Entertainment

Finally, Family Entertainment for Adults AND Kids.

Turn any event into something the whole family will enjoy.

Family Entertainment Cape Cod

When you are planning an event, it’s difficult to find family entertainment that everyone will enjoy. Children’s entertainers often exclude adults and kids can’t relate to most performers for adults. Finding someone who can entertain both is invaluable to any event planner. The show has to be free of vulgar language, remain engaging for all ages and leave a great impression on your guests.


A big factor is a simple seating arrangement. Parents are encouraged to sit with their kids. All different age groups will find something to enjoy together. Parents will see their kids laughing and kids will see their parents doing the same. The experience is shared.

Also, the magic performed is also carefully selected to entertain and baffle everyone in attendance. This is a major difference between an average magician and a great one. Often an average magician will play only to one group, leaving half the room uninterested. Family entertainment should include everyone.

Boston Magician

Worry Free!

Everything is 100% SELF CONTAINED and can play for 20 people as well as it can for 500. Most of the time, you don’t need a stage. All you need is a room of some kind and people to attend. Before booking, you will receive a small document on how to help make the event MORE successful. Things like the layout of the room, when the performance should happen and how to make it the best ever.

Best of all, every event gets a free consultation. Experience can be incredibly valuable and most situations have been encountered before. You’ll be able to use that experience to your advantage with a simple phone conversation.

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