Group Palm Readings

Entertaining and fun readings for any occasion and any size audience!

Why should you hire someone who does palm reading for groups? If you have been to an event with a palm reader before, you probably remember how wonderful it was to have a reading. It can be a fun experience! However, events with a lot of people can lead to long lines which distract from the fun. Palm readings for a group can be a great solution for that problem. Here are three solutions that I offer my clients:

Roving: This is one of the most popular choices for events I perform. Think of your cocktail hour and a palm reader stopping by. For a normal palm reader, this is a problem, but for Shawn this is an opportunity. Each person will feel entertained and not have to wait at all. He will not only read all of their palms quickly and in a fun way, but TEACH people to read their own palms! How fun would it be to learn to look at someone’s hand and instantly know their personality. So not only are your guests having fun, but given a super power!

Small or Large Group Show: There isn’t another palm reader in town that offers this! If you have a big audience to entertain, this will be incredible experience. From the stage or in front of your group at home, Shawn will help read everyone’s palm. He picks a few people in the audience and guides everyone through reading their own palm and the person sitting beside them. This creates an enormous amount of excitement and fun that is totally unique. This has been done for rehearsal dinners, college orientations and corporate team-building events. It also works over Zoom!

Champagne Palm Party: People have paint nights, now you can have a palm reading night at home. Each person will make a hand print and then is given a reading with their hand print which they keep. While paint nights have wine, we will have champagne! Because you are going to learn about what makes you special, we should use something that is special as well. Let’s celebrate you and your guests. This is also available for Tarot readings.

Palm reading for groups can literally change lives. If you want your event to be remembered, this is the best way possible.