Group Palm Readings

Palm Readings for All Events and Audiences

Enhance your event with a touch of the unique: the art of palm reading.

Why Opt for Group Palm Readings?

If you’ve experienced a palm reading at an event before, you’ll recognize its power to captivate. However, larger events can result in extended waiting times for individual readings. This is where group palm readings offer an effective solution. Explore the diverse services tailored for your event:

1. Roving Palm Reader:

Envision a scene at your cocktail reception where a palm reader seamlessly integrates into the crowd. For many, this might seem challenging, but for

Shawn, it’s an opportunity. Each attendee will benefit from a concise, engaging palm reading. Moreover, they’ll receive insights into reading their own hands, adding an educational dimension to the experience.

2. Group Palm Reading Sessions:

A unique service offering in the industry. Whether you’re hosting a sizable audience or a smaller group, this format guarantees engagement. Shawn will guide everyone in understanding the basics of palmistry, interspersed

with interactive segments. This structure has proven its merit at various events, from rehearsal dinners to college orientations and corporate team-building sessions. Also adaptable for virtual events.

3. Champagne Palm Party:

Drawing inspiration from the popularity of paint nights, introduce your guests to a palm reading evening. Participants produce their hand prints, which become the foundation for their readings and serve as cherished

mementos. Complementing the proceedings is a refined choice of beverage: champagne. This package is also extendable to Tarot readings.

Leave a Mark with Your Event:

Group palm readings offer more than just entertainment; they provide an immersive experience. If you want your next event to stand out and be remembered, this service promises to deliver.