Tarot Readings

Group and Individual Tarot Readings:

Uplifting and Insightful Tarot Experiences

Both private and group tarot readings offer an enriching dimension to any gathering. The intrigue surrounding Tarot lends a hint of mystique to your event. While many Tarot practitioners maintain a reserved demeanor,Shawn brings a dynamic mix of theatrical flair and light-hearted humor. More than just cards, it’s about conveying their profound messages in an engaging, positive manner.

1. Roving Readings:

Visualize a lively cocktail event where a Tarot reader, Shawn, approaches your guests. As they request readings, they’re treated to moments of amazement, peppered with humor. This format ensures uninterrupted fun, eliminating the common woes of long queues. Perfect for weddings, holiday events, and various gatherings. This guarantees your attendees an immersive experience without the fear of them feeling sidelined.

2. Group Readings:

Ideal for house parties where guests are keen on shared experiences. As everyone gathers, they’re drawn into the world of Tarot, gaining insights and revelations. Moreover, Shawn imparts a foundational technique, enabling attendees to harness their intuition.

3. Champagne Tarot Party:

Begin the evening with the effervescence of champagne, followed by enlightening readings. While paint nights resonate with wine, we champion champagne, symbolizing the transformative journey of Tarot. Remember, it’s not just about foreseeing the future, but empowering oneself to shape it. This theme also extends to our Palm Reading services.

4. Private Readings:

For those seeking in-depth exploration of life’s queries, Shawn acts as an astute guide. Dive deep into the Tarot’s wisdom, unlocking a path to self-awareness and empowerment. Rather than just forecasting your future, it’s about crafting the destiny you envision. Available exclusively upon request. Kindly reach out at [email protected] for inquiries.