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Private or Group Tarot Readings

Positive And Empowering Tarot Readings!

Private and Group Tarot Readings

Private and group tarot readings can be an excellent part of any event. The many myths that surround the Tarot can help any event add an element of mystery. Most Tarot readers are quiet and sit at lonely tables. However, Shawn is a theatrical entertainer that is full of energy and light-hearted humor. The cards themselves offer insight and Shawn translates that message in a fun and positive way.

Roving Readings: Imagine being at a cocktail party and a Tarot reader walks over, what do you do? Ask for a reading! As an entertainer, Shawn will make them laugh and gasp as he reads the cards. Also, this gives your guests a real moment of wonder. This is perfect for weddings, holiday parties, outings and more as there are no lines and no wait! However, this can work with many more events. Meanwhile, your guests will never feel like they missed out on the party. Some readers create lines, don’t let that happen to your event.

Group Readings: This is a popular option for anyone having a house party. Everyone will be intimately gathered around and the cards seeing their futures. You will find that everyone is left with a great moment of empowering insight. Also, everyone will get to learn a simple tool to help them tap into their intuition.

Champagne Tarot Party: First, the night starts with pouring champagne and receiving readings. While paint nights have wine, we will have champagne to celebrate your journey. The tarot is about creating the future which can be an incredibly empowering experience. Also, this can be done with Palm Reading.

Private Readings: This is for people that want to get a deeper understanding of their life questions. Shawn is a wonderful guide and helps you understand the message of the Tarot. This is an empowering experience that will unlock your thoughts and feelings. The tarot is not about telling you what your future is, it’s about creating the future you want. This is only available by application, please e-mail: [email protected] to enquire

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